Pay all your Bitcoin Invoices instantly with other Cryptocurrencies

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What is BitSwop?

A big part of the companies that accept cryptocurrency only accept Bitcoin. This mean if you have like a lot of Guldencoins, you cannot pay your invoices with it. BitSwop makes it possible to pay all your Bitcoin Invoices with one of the accepted cryptocurrencies like Guldencoin, Litecoin, Faircoin, DigiByte, DigitalCoin, Faircoin, Blackcoin...


How does it work?

Pretty simple, if lets say, you want to buy a pizza in a place (or online) where you can pay with Bitcoin. Pick your pizza, select Bitcoin as Payment method, visit our website and fill in the amount of Bitcoins, The bitcoin payment address and the coin you want to pay us with. Pay us with the coin of your choice and we will pay your submitted Bicoin invoice instantly after payment.

You can pay your Bitcoin Invoices with the following cryptocurrencies